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The Mediterra is a digital magazine bringing you the daily bits of the Mediterranean lifestyle, interior design, architecture, travel, food, and joy. We feature ideas to elevate your style and create a sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

For The Lovers Of The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Our readers love The Mediterranean region. They love the food, the design, the nature, the people, and the culture. Many readers dream about having a second home in the Mediterranean or moving to the beautiful region to explore the good things in life.

Ibiza is known for its vibrant nightlife stunning beaches and relaxed atmosphere | TheMediterra.com

Our Mission At The Mediterra

As a publication that is based on the deep passion for the Mediterranean lifestyle, our mission is to help you make your Mediterranean dream life come true.

Whether it is to find the best travel destinations, discover the most delicious foods, decorate your home in the Mediterranean style, buy your second home in the Mediterranean, or grow your business in the Mediterranean… we’re here to help!

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Our vision is to create the definitive source of practical information and inspiration for people who love the Mediterranean culture, lifestyle, and nature. We cover

We also want to help you make your Mediterranean lifestyle dream come true, and cover a variety of topics to make it happen:

The Mediterra was born way before this site was born. It’s been a brainchild of mine for years. As a passionate traveler, and particularly passionate about the Mediterranean region, lifestyle, and design, I wanted to create a space to share my passion.

I’ve been traveling around the Med for the last 30+ years. Some years ago, I also launched the largest online conference for people who dream about relocating to Spain!

  • As a kid, I and my family took our Land Rover to Italy and the Adriatic Sea for amazing summer breaks…
  • As a 20-something, I and my friends spent every summer working on Greek islands, camping in Corsica, shopping in Italy, organizing girls’ weekends in the South of France, or partying in Barcelona…
  • As a 30-something, I, my husband & tiny kids traveled around the Mediterranean multiple times per year…
  • As a 40-something, my family and I are on a journey toward Spain and the slow life in the Mediterranean
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Hi, I’m Tiina.

A little bit of my work

I have worked in the travel, design, and technology industries for over 20 years, and have been running multiple businesses in e-commerce, digital publishing, and online teaching helping SMEs digitalize and grow. I’m also trained as an interior designer and used to own an interior decor business.

Join me on the journey to finding the best places to visit, fall in love, and live the slow life in the Mediterranean! Read more about me & my work.


We’re looking for partners and writers for the Mediterra Magazine! We’re particularly looking for:

  • Mediterranean real estate and property investing
  • Mediterranean travel and tourism
  • Mediterranean relocation including school, work, visa, etc.
  • Mediterranean food and nutrition
  • Insurance, banking, and legal for ex-pats in the popular Mediterranean regions

Get in touch if you are interested in sharing stories from the Med.

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