Beaches In Rovinj Croatia: Popular & Hidden Treasures

Rovinj, a picturesque town on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, is renowned for its stunning array of beaches. Each beach in Rovinj offers a unique experience, from serene coves to vibrant resorts. Here’s a guide to some of the most notable beaches in Rovinj.

Find The Best Beaches in Rovinj, Croatia
Find The Best Beaches in Rovinj, Croatia

Popular & Hidden Beaches in Rovinj

Each of these beaches in Rovinj offers a distinct charm, whether you’re looking for relaxation, family-friendly environments, or adventurous water sports. Rovinj’s coastline is a testament to the natural beauty and diverse offerings of Croatia’s Adriatic shore.

Monte Mulini Beach

Located just south of Rovinj, near the ACI marina, Monte Mulini Beach is a blend of modern amenities and natural beauty. Rebuilt in 2014, it’s a public beach ideal for families, offering swimming and sunbathing on large paved areas and graveled parts suitable for children. Water sports and boating facilities are also available.

Lone Beach

Stretching along Lone Bay, this beach is a fusion of pebbly, rocky, and paved sections. Its proximity to Zlatni Rt Nature Park adds to its charm. Lone Beach is accessible only by foot or bicycle, offering a peaceful escape from traffic noise. It’s a popular spot for private yachts and motor boats, with designated parts for dogs and various facilities including snack bars and bike rentals.

Zlatni Rt (Golden Cape) Beach

As Rovinj’s largest public beach, Zlatni Rt features a 2-kilometer long rocky beach with pebble coves. Located south of ACI Marina and Lone Bay, it’s close to the town center and a nature reserve, making it perfect for snorkeling and family outings. The beach also provides restaurants, cafes, and rental services amidst a beautiful landscape.

Katarina Island

Accessible by a short boat ride, Katarina Island is a haven of natural beauty. Its beaches are mostly rocky with sandy coves, offering breathtaking views and a variety of plant species. The island hosts a historic villa, now a hotel, and provides facilities like a diving center and restaurants.

Punta Corrente (Golden Cape)

Part of a larger park, this area features pebbly beaches and clear, shallow waters near the shore. The park is filled with Aleppo pines, cedars, and cypresses, providing scenic walking and cycling paths. Amenities include cafes, restaurants, volleyball fields, and tennis courts.

Amarin Beach

Located within the Amarin Resort, this beach boasts a mix of sandy, pebbly, and rocky areas. The clear, shallow waters make it family-friendly, and the beach is known for its excellent facilities, including restaurants, bars, sports fields, and playgrounds.

Borik Beach

Situated near a quiet apartment settlement, Borik Beach is known for its small pebble bays and turquoise waters. It offers a range of facilities including restaurants, a beach bar, playgrounds, and water sports activities, along with nearby accommodation options.

Zlatni Rt Beach

Located in the forest park of Rovinj, Zlatni Rt Beach is a natural gem offering a variety of picturesque bays and beaches. The flat stones are ideal for sunbathing, and the refreshing sea provides pleasant cooling. Pine trees along the coast offer shade, creating a Mediterranean idyll.

Punta Cabana Beach

An insider tip among Rovinj’s beaches, Punta Cabana is nestled in the town’s forest park. It features beautiful turquoise sea colors, fine pebble, and a unique panorama. The beach bar enhances the experience with hammocks, music, and cocktails.

Villas Rubin Beach

Part of a holiday village, this extensive beach is suitable for various activities and offers facilities like a windsurf center, children’s playground, and sports courts. The beach extends 1500 meters and includes a semi-nudist section.

FAQ – Beaches in Rovinj

Beaches in Rovinj

What Facilities Are Available at Monte Mulini Beach?

Monte Mulini Beach, located south of Rovinj near the ACI marina, offers various facilities including a beach bar, hotel restaurants, water sports, boat and bike rentals, a marina, lifeguard services, deckchair hire, and showers. The beach is suitable for swimming and sunbathing, and it’s family-friendly with its graveled parts​​.

Beaches in Rovinj

Is Lone Beach Accessible by Vehicle?

Lone Beach, stretching along Lone Bay, is not accessible by vehicle. It can only be reached by foot or by bicycle, offering a tranquil environment free from traffic noise. The beach features facilities like snack bars, bike rentals, deck chair hire, a lifeguard, showers, and a mini aqua park, with designated parts reserved for dogs​​.

Beaches in Rovinj

What Type of Beach is Zlatni Rt (Golden Cape) Beach?

Zlatni Rt (Golden Cape) Beach is a mixture of rock and pebble, located within the Zlatni Rt Forest Park. It’s known for its calm waters, making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The beach offers facilities like restaurants, beach bars, showers, toilets, changing cabins, bike rental, and deckchair hire, with designated areas for dogs​​.

Beaches in Rovinj

Are There Dining Options on Katarina Island?

Katarina Island offers several dining options, including cafés and restaurants. Visitors can enjoy meals with views of the sea and Rovinj’s skyline. The island’s beaches are mostly rocky with sandy coves, and it also features a historic hotel, a diving center, and various beach amenities​​.

Beaches in Rovinj

Does Amarin Beach Offer Water Sports Rentals?

Amarin Beach, part of the Amarin Resort, provides options for water sports rentals, including windsurfing and kayaking. The beach has a mix of sandy, pebbly, and rocky areas, with crystal clear and shallow waters, making it suitable for families. It also boasts excellent facilities like seaside restaurants, beach bars, sports fields, and playgrounds​​.

Beaches in Rovinj

What Activities Are Available at Borik Beach?

Borik Beach, nestled in a pine forest, is not only ideal for sunbathing and swimming but also offers various activities. Visitors can enjoy pedal boats, jet skis, and other beach amenities. The beach’s crystal clear water and gentle slope make it suitable for young swimmers​​.

Beaches In Rovinj Croatia: Popular & Hidden Treasures
Beaches In Rovinj Croatia: Popular & Hidden Treasures

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